Andrew Tate Slams Crypto, Says He Doesn’t Endorse Any Coins

Andrew Tate Slams Crypto, Says He Doesn't Endorse Any Coins

Andrew Tate – a kickboxer and popular internet personality, slammed the cryptocurrency market on Wednesday.

Tate said in a YouTube video that every word he says can become a cryptocurrency. He also stated that he does not endorse any cryptocurrency that has his name on it, like “Tate Coin,” “Top G Coin,” or “Psyop Coin.”

He says, “Every single word I say becomes a f***ing coin.”

In addition, he stated that he has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies because he thinks that for someone to make money from them, someone else has to lose.

“I don’t want anybody who is associated with me to lose.”

Moreover, Tate said that he could raise the value of a cryptocurrency by millions by himself, but he has no interest in doing so.

“I could pump a s**t coin and make it $100 million, but I don’t need it because I already have $100 million, ” Andrew said.

This comes after an on-chain data expert said that Tate made a cryptocurrency called S*UTS and is trying to make money off of his fans.

On-chain analyst Crypto Trending says that the first transaction from the S*UTS wallet came from Tate’s own wallet.

According to them, it was Andrew Tate’s account, and it made a huge transaction worth $6.2 million in Ethereum.


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