Binance Deactivates Deposit Addresses for Wallet Upgrade

Binance Deactivates Deposit Addresses for Wallet Upgrade

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, recently revealed intentions to improve its wallet infrastructure, which will necessitate customers obtaining new wallet addresses. The upgrade is intended to improve efficiency and fund security for Binance users.

As part of a network address migration procedure, the business will retire specific deposit addresses in batches beginning in Q3. This means that various cryptocurrencies will be affected, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Solana (SOL), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and others.

Binance will also disable memos, which are used to identify transaction recipients, in addition to wallet addresses. Users should be aware that most centralized exchanges, such as Binance, employ a single wallet address for all traders. This message assists them in distinguishing between individual accounts.

Binance will notify users who would be affected by the upgrade. If you receive a message from Binance, you should immediately change your deposit address and memo. If applicable, before the notification’s expiration date.

You can continue using your current deposit addresses if you have not received an official communication from the company. It is, nonetheless, critical to pay attention to future notifications. This is due to the fact that old deposit addresses will expire whenever a new one is obtained. 

It is critical to emphasize that cash deposited into outdated wallet addresses will not be lost. Deposits made into expired addresses, on the other hand, will not be immediately credited. Users must manually credit these deposits via the transaction history page.


Binance changes its wallet technology on a regular basis to improve efficiency and fund security for its users. Binance’s commitment to improving the user experience and ensuring a secure trading environment is reflected in the impending address migration and wallet upgrade.  Overall, remember to stay up to speed with official Binance notifications to ensure a smooth transition.


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