Binance Denies Association with UK Registered Entity

Binance Denies Association with UK Registered Entity

Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, recently denied any association with a UK-registered business. According to reports, Binance’s registered office address was a shared building in the town of Mildenhall. However, a Binance spokesperson confirmed that the group in question is not affiliated with them.

The Mildenhall, Suffolk County, address was recognized as a modest garage building on the outskirts of town. It is actually the headquarters of OfficeServ, a firm that provides virtual registered address services. Binance Ltd is one of 2,403 active companies that share this address. Companies House, the government’s company registrar, provided this information.

While the specifics surrounding the entity “Binance Ltd” are unknown. It is worth noting that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom has already warned the public about crypto closing businesses. In an attempt to fool others, these fraudulent corporations exploit information from actual companies. Scams exist, and you should always avoid them.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the name “Binance” is used by several businesses in the United Kingdom. However, according to the spokespeople, the registered entity at the listed address is unrelated to Binance.

Cryptocurrency scams and fraudulent activities are a major source of concern for both regulators and users. Individuals must exercise caution and conduct extensive research. This must always be done before engaging in any cryptocurrency-related activity. You may also read our post on how to invest properly to ensure your safety when investing.

As the investigation continues, Binance remains committed to providing its users with a secure and trustworthy platform. Individuals are encouraged to report any questionable activities to the company.  This is necessary to maintain the safety of the cryptocurrency community and Binance’s reputation.


Finally, Binance denied any connection to a UK-registered firm that used a shared building in Mildernahll as its registered office address.  While the details are yet unknown, it is critical to remain watchful and aware of potential cryptocurrency scams. Users may assist secure and contribute to a safer bitcoin ecosystem by being informed.


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