New Binance Hub in Georgia

New Binance Hub in Georgia

Binance opens a blockchain center in Georgia to advance blockchain education and cryptocurrency adoption in the region.

Binance, a renowned leader in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently unveiled an innovative regional blockchain center in Georgia. The primary goal of this strategic move is to escalate talent acquisition efforts, stimulate blockchain education, and speed up the adoption of cryptocurrencies throughout the region. Binance’s ongoing collaborations, initiatives, and community-driven events in Georgia have paved the way for the inception of this new blockchain center.

The establishment of this state-of-the-art Web3 facility in Georgia reflects Binance’s unwavering dedication to drawing the brightest minds to the blockchain sector. As part of their commitment to advancing educational initiatives centered around digital finance, Binance is also eager to nurture the expansion of Georgia’s thriving crypto industry. The current Binance team in Georgia consists of 25 professionals, with the expectation to create dozens of additional job opportunities by the end of 2023.

Binance’s focus extends beyond merely creating employment prospects. The company is determined to amplify blockchain education and fasten the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in the region. Months of constructive collaborations with local public and private sector organizations, coupled with a series of community events, have contributed to the development of Binance’s regional blockchain center in Georgia.

Earlier in 2023, Binance disclosed its partnership with CityPay, a prominent cryptocurrency payment gateway. Furthermore, Binance unveiled its strategic alliance with the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), the initiation of a Binance Charity project emphasizing women-led Web3 education, and the BNB Chain hackathon event. The collaboration with GITA, in particular, aims to reinforce Binance’s comprehensive educational and community projects, thereby accelerating the evolution of Georgia’s digital asset sector.

Binance’s Plans to Expand

In January 2023, Binance entered into a memorandum of cooperation with the Georgian Business and Technology University (BTU). By March, four more esteemed educational institutions joined the collaboration: Alte University, Kutaisi International University, Georgian American University (GAU), and Caucasus University. Pursuant to these agreements, Binance and Binance Academy pledge to provide educational resources and organizational assistance to help their partner institutions thrive in the realm of blockchain education.

In a recent partnership with GITA, BNB Chain organized a three-day Web3 hackathon event in Georgia. This gathering allowed developers to connect with fellow BNB Chain creators and demonstrate their Web3 abilities. Furthermore, event winners were awarded monetary prizes and granted exclusive access to BNB Chain developer programs.

Vladimir Smerkis, Binance’s regional director, views Georgia as one of the most inventive countries in the region. He remarked, “Georgia occupies an essential position on Binance’s global map. To date, we have hosted three community meetups in the country, drawing over 2,000 participants collectively. We recognize an immense potential and enthusiasm from both the crypto community and businesses in fostering the growth of digital assets within the nation.”

In November 2022, Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), paid his inaugural visit to Georgia. During his trip, he engaged with Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili and members of the local business and crypto sectors. This meeting accentuated Georgia’s status as a hub for pioneering financial technologies, strategically situated and backed by a progressive government.

Giorgi Chagelishvili, Binance’s Georgia general manager, commented on the new hub’s opening. He stated that this hub may vastly helo “the dialogue” they initiated with the government last year. Moreover, he stated that the hub will allow them to enhance their recruitment program in the country and increase Binance’s regional presence.


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