Binance Labs, CoinFund Lead $10M Funding for Cosmos Blockchain Neutron

Binance Labs, CoinFund Lead $10M Funding for Cosmos Blockchain Neutron

Binance Labs and Coinfund, two big cryptocurrency players, have teamed up to spearhead a $10 million investment round for Neutron. Within the Cosmos ecosystem, Neutron is a cross-chain smart contract platform focusing on interchain security.

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, took the lead in this funding round. CoinFund, an investment firm, is also involved in the funding. Other investment firms that wished to be a part of the investment also participated in the round. 

The major purpose of this donation is to help Neutrons blockchain software develop and grow. This will also have an effect on the ecosystem’s growth.  Additionally, Neutron’s goal is to attract a larger community of developers and projects. This allows for the development of safe and user-friendly decentralized applications (DApps).

Neutron is a cross-chain smart contract platform that was introduced in 2021. It enables customers to access the validators of the Cosmos Hub, the primary and oldest chain in the Cosmos ecosystem. This enables developers to run secure applications at a minimal cost.

One of Neutron’s most notable advantages is its interoperability with the 51 blockchains that comprise the Cosmos network. This means that developers can simply design and connect decentralized applications (dApps) across many networks. Moreover, this increased their capability and space reach.

Neutron promises to address three major issues confronting Cosmos smart-contract developers: security, neutrality, and access to cross-chain technology. The company seeks to assist the development of sturdy and trustworthy apps by giving solutions to these challenges.

Neutron will be able to pursue its aim of providing secure and innovative cross-chain applications thanks to the funding. As the blockchain sector matures, investments like these will be critical in driving the use and expansion of decentralized technology.


In short, Binance Labs and CoinFund have invested $10 million in Neutron, a Cosmos-based cross-chain smart contract platform.  Moreover, this financing will help Neutron’s blockchain software development. This will also help to build a thriving ecosystem for decentralized applications.


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