Binance Licensed as Virtual Asset Exchange in Dubai

Binance Licensed as Virtual Asset Exchange in Dubai

To protect virtual asset exchange services in Dubai, Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, needed to get an Operational Minimum Viable Product (MVP) license. The license enables Binance FZE to offer crypto services to eligible investors in Dubai initially.

Binance’s past attempts to secure a provisional MVP license in September 2022 served as stepping stones toward obtaining this license. The Operational MVP license obtained enables qualified Dubai consumers to access licensed cryptocurrency services. This ensures investor protection and adherence to market norms in the virtual asset industry.

Richard Teng, Head of regional markets at Binance, expressed gratitude for being the first exchange granted the operational license by Dubai’s VARA. Operating as a fully regulated exchange, Binance prioritizes compliance with FATF requirements. They also focus on establishing a strong ecosystem for global scalability and preserving user assurance.

Binance’s Dubai Venture: Regulatory Challenges and Operational MVP License

The exchange’s dedication to extending its services in several jurisdictions is highlighted by the grinding of the operational license in Dubai. However, regulators in other international markets have begun looking more closely at Binance. The exchange recently withdrew its request for a license from BaFin, Germany’s financial authority. Additionally, according to Bloomberg, Binance’s Australian office was the target of a regulatory search in July as part of an ongoing inquiry into the exchange’s operations.

Given that Binance is being sued by several regulators, the situation there is particularly complicated. The SEC sued Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao over suspected securities law violations. The CFTC had already launched a case against the exchange in March.

Acquiring the Operational MVP license in Dubai is a significant step for Binance. It shows their commitment to providing secure and compliant crypto services despite challenges and increased scrutiny. Binance is dedicated to creating a reputable and compliant platform in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Their ongoing efforts to obtain licenses and adhere to regulatory standards demonstrate this commitment.


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