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Bitcoin Will Be On Top, According To Fedi’s CEO

Bitcoin Will Be On Top, According To Fedi's CEO

Obi Nwosu, the CEO and co-founder of Fedi, recently shared his opinion that Bitcoin (BTC) will succeed all other cryptocurrencies by the end of 2023. 

Nwosu, whose business provides a Bitcoin community custody protocol as an alternative to centralized exchanges, predicted that as the year goes on, Bitcoin’s supremacy in every sphere of the ecosystem will become more and more obvious.

In addition, Nwosu stressed that it is “increasingly hard to deny” that the ecosystem supporting Bitcoin is the quickest, cheapest, easiest, most decentralized, and most secure. He predicts by adding that

“It is going to be clear by the end of this year that it is going to be tick, tick, tick for Bitcoin.”

Nwosu thinks Bitcoin has the ability to rule the cryptocurrency ecosystem. However, he acknowledges that there is opportunity for other cryptocurrencies to survive. Furthermore, Nwosu addressed the myth that Bitcoin innovates slowly. He claimed that improvements are happening quickly and are centered on developing solutions that are reliable from the outset.

Moreover, Nwosu emphasized the ethereal character of cryptocurrencies. He describes them as a synthesis of technological and philosophical elements. Additionally, he admitted that while it cannot be defeated physically, it is susceptible to assaults from false.

Nwosu’s opinions are taken seriously by the Bitcoin industry. This happens because he is the CEO of Fedi, a company that offers a Bitcoin custody protocol. Therefore, he adds to the continuing conversation regarding the future of cryptocurrencies and their possible effects on all facets of society. However, the supremacy of Bitcoin is still up for question.


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