Bitcoin Traders Outperformed Crypto Funds by Almost 70%

Bitcoin Traders Outperformed Crypto Funds by Almost 70%

A simple strategy typically works in the realm of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC) investors outperformed numerous crypto funds by 68.8% in the first half of 2023. This basic buy-and-hold approach aided the investors. They hold Bitcoin without trading it regularly until the price reaches a particular level.

The average return for crypto funds during the same period, according to specialists at 21e6 Capital AG, a Swiss investment advisory firm, was 15.2%. However, Bitcoin increased by 84%. This demonstrates the value of sticking to the fundamentals of trading.

In the past, crypto funds have outperformed Bitcoin in all bull markets. This year, however, things took a different path. The key reason for this shift was crypto funds’ cautious approach due to market uncertainties. After various cryptocurrency ventures encountered difficulties in 2022, many funds decided to maintain a large amount of cash on hand rather than invest it. Because they prioritized safety, they missed out on Bitcoin’s rise.

According to the firm’s analysis, when the market is performing well, funds with a lot of money do worse than Bitcoin. The sentiment at the end of 2022 influenced their decision to remain vigilant. Furthermore, the majority of other cryptocurrencies did not fare as well as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s current price is $29’034.80, and it is battling to stay above $30’000. Despite this, the value has climbed significantly since the beginning of the year.

Although crypto funds performed well, they were unable to catch up with Bitcoin. According to the research, investor mood increased marginally in the first half of 2023. This suggests that more funds may re-invest in the crypto sector. However, complete emotional rehabilitation is still a work in progress.


In conclusion, the simple strategy of keeping onto Bitcoin paid off in the first half of 2023. While crypto money stayed secure, Bitcoin holders saw significant gains, demonstrating the value of a basic yet effective method in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.


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