Bitcoin’s Short-Term Outlook Brightens as Near-Term Holders Profit

Bitcoin's Short-Term Outlook Brightens as Near-Term Holders Profit

Blockchain data shows that short-term Bitcoin (BTC) holders are profiting from the sale of their coins, and the cryptocurrency’s near-term prognosis appears promising. Glassnode, a blockchain analytics company, reported that the spent output profit ratio (SOPR) of short-term holding has recently crossed 1. This is seen as a positive indicator for near-term price action.

“After a brief stint of coins moving at a loss, STH-SOPR is now back above 1, this is bullish for near-term price action as it shows capitulation from short-term holders.”

Blochware Solutions analysts highlighted the importance of the STH-SOPR crossing over 1. They believe it signifies short-term holders’ capitulation and supports a bullish outlook. When the short-term holder’s SOPR value exceeds 1, it indicates that they tend to make profits when selling their coins. When the reading is 1, it indicates that short-term holders are breaking even. A value less than 1 suggests a sign of capitulation.

The SOPR Metric for Short-Term Outlook

The SOPR is a metric that measures the amount of realized profit for all coins moved on-chain by dividing the realized dollar value of a spent output (UTXO) by its value upon output generation. The wallets with holding periods of under 155 days are to focus on the short-term holder SOPR.

In the past, the STH SOPR has consistently maintained a level of over 1 during bull markets. The pattern emerges as short-term holders, including new entrants, active traders, or weak hands, sell their assets for a profit higher than the purchase price. Additionally, during bull markets, the level near 1 frequently serves as a support level, luring investors to regard it as a beneficial purchasing opportunity in expectation of ongoing price increases. In contrast, level 1 acts as resistance when there are negative movements.

The SOPR has moved above 1

The SOPR has moved above 1 Source: Glassnode

The STH SOPR tested the support level twice after crossing above 1 in January, which denoted a bullish trend reversal. Bitcoin has had a spectacular rise of over 68% this year. The cryptocurrency had a high of $28,441 during overnight trade and was now trading around $27,900. 

Short-term holders’ profitability returning is a positive signal for Bitcoin’s near-term price movement. The STH SOPR rising over 1 boosts confidence among investors and market players.



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