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BSV: New Record With 85 Million Transactions In 24 Hours

BSV Blockchain: New Record With 85 Million Transactions In 24 Hours

Bitcoin SV blockchain reached 85 million transactions in 24 hours with the help of Vaionex

Vaionex is a leading company in blockchain solutions and a member of the Bitcoin SV Blockchain ecosystem. It was the primary contributor to the over 85 million transactions processed on the BSV blockchain in just 24 hours. For this contribution, Vaionex mostly used their new application TimeSeal, which will be released at the London Blockchain Conference.


TimeSeal has become the top application by transaction number in the last 24 hours. Showing how well the platform works and its capabilities. During this timeframe, Vaionex helped generate more than 85 million transactions. This shows how committed it is to pushing the limits of capabilities of BSV transactions. 75% of all transactions have been sent through the Taal API successfully, showing once again that it works well and can handle a lot of transactions.

Managing Director at the Bitcoin Association, Cyrille Albercht, said

“We are thrilled to achieve this remarkable transaction volume record, and it serves as a testament to the capabilities of the BSV network. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the visionary stewardship of the Bitcoin Association, which has paved the way for a protocol that is affordable, scalable, and secure. The Bitcoin Association has empowered the BSV ecosystem to push the boundaries of what is possible in blockchain technology.”

Marketing Director at the Bitcoin Association, Martin Coxall, said

“We are delighted to witness the tremendous transaction volume record, and this is proof of a thriving ecosystem using the values that BA bring to the blockchain community. It is with great pleasure that VAIONEX, a company founded by Robin Gounder, has been at the forefront of this milestone. Since the early days of VAIONEX, BA has been a steadfast supporter. As far back as 2019, Robin Gounder won a BSV hackathon, and we were honoured to award him the Satoshi Nakamoto grant that very same year. This achievement is a collective effort and a reflection of the collaborative spirit that defines our ecosystem.”

Provisioning Director at the Bitcoin Association, Frank Dickob, said

“The network and the infrastructure run by the transaction processors or miners have clearly demonstrated the great robustness achieved to this day. They have processed over 85 million transactions in 24 hours on their regular productions systems, and without any disruptions. We believe that there is still room for growth and innovation, as we are working on developing the next generation of key services that will unlock the potential for even greater transaction volumes. Together, we will continue to build upon this success and drive the adoption of BSV as a robust, affordable, scalable, and secure blockchain solution.”


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