Bybit to Give Out Scholarships for Top Performers at AUS

Bybit to Give Out Scholarships for Top Performers at AUS

Bybit, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has partnered with the American University of Sharjah (AUS) to provide scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are worth around $272,000 to deserving students. This collaboration seeks to help students with their studies and to do research in the field of financial technology development.

This agreement came about after Bybit and AUS agreed to collaborate earlier this year. Their first objective was to assist 20 students with their fintech studies. This notion, however, developed, and they ended up granting a lot more scholarships. They provided 38 students, 29 of whom were studying at AUS. The other nine pupils were students at a new university.

The Dean of AUS’s College of Engineering emphasized the significance of this project. He stated that AUS aspires to produce talented workers capable of excelling in rapidly changing markets. This collaboration with Bybit bridges the gap between academic learning and industry requirements.

ByBit also contributes to the first AUS-Bybit Inter College Hackathon in addition to scholarships. A Hackathon is typically a gathering of computer specialists to collaborate and solve challenges, with a victor at the end. The event’s theme was Artificial Intelligence in Crypto.

The AUS-Bybit Fund Scholarship encourages students to help advance cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Its primary purpose is to provide financial assistance to students who wish to learn and research about decentralized finance.

The award recipients were chosen based on their academic performance and financial needs. They must be enrolled in computer engineering and computer science programs. Furthermore, they are enthusiastic about fintech and blockchain technologies.

Prior to announcing the scholarship, Bybit launched a Wealth Management product to give clients secure investing possibilities. This step demonstrates Bybit’s dedication to responsible financial solutions.


Finally, the collaboration between Bybit and AUS is an outstanding project that pushes students to flourish in decentralized finance and blockchain. This will hopefully produce future leaders who will assist shape the global future of digital assets.


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