Cboe and Coinbase Collaborate for Bitcoin Market Surveillance

Cboe and Coinbase Collaborate for Bitcoin Market Surveillance

Cboe Global Markets, an exchange operator, has recently taken a step toward launching and trading three spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Cboe has entered into surveillance-sharing agreements with Coinbase in order to meet regulatory requirements. This action is intended to address concerns about fraudulent activity and manipulative methods safeguarding the best interests of investors and the broader public.

Several proposals for spot Bitcoin ETFs have already been rejected by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They believe that by creating comprehensive surveillance-sharing agreements with regulated and important market participants, they will be able to achieve their goals. Exchanges, such as the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, can demonstrate their commitment to creating a secure and transparent trading environment.

Coinbase accounted for a significant part of the US dollar-bitcoin trade in May and has been a major player in the cryptocurrency market. Regardless of the SEC’s recent complaint, they intend to fight it. Coinbase is convinced that they are correct, and they will go to any length to prove it. They claim that the assets exchanged on its platform do not qualify as securities.

The collaboration between Cboe and Coinbase is significant in the cryptocurrency market. Cboe intends to improve its monitoring capabilities by leveraging Coinbase’s expertise and market position.

The move follows similar initiatives by other major banking industry firms. For example, Nasdaq recently resubmitted an application to market a Bitcoin ETF managed by BlackRock, the globe’s biggest asset manager.

 A surveillance-sharing contract with Coinbase is also included in the application. This emphasizes the significance of such collaborations in obtaining regulatory approval. Overall, it remains to be seen what will transpire and what the SEC’s final ruling will be.


Overall, Cboe and Coinbase’s engagement demonstrates the industry’s dedication to improving market surveillance. Furthermore, it demonstrates their motivation to adhere to regulatory norms. These actions open the path for more cryptocurrency adoption by resolving concerns about fraudulent activity and protecting the interests of investors.


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