Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Calls Ethereum Classic A Scam

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Calls Ethereum Classic A Scam

Cardano (ADA) founder, Charles Hoskinson, has recently voiced strong criticism against Ethereum Classic (ETC), branding it as a scam project with no purpose and misleading intentions. 

This comes in response to ETC Cooperative’s decision to exclude Ergo (ERG), a rival proof-of-work network, from a proof-of-work summit organized by the cooperative and the Litecoin (LTC) Foundation. The contentious history between ETC and Ergo, along with Hoskinson’s previous involvement, has fueled the ongoing animosity between the two blockchain communities.

Expressing his discontent with ETC Cooperative’s actions, Hoskinson took to Twitter to denounce Ethereum Classic as a project lacking innovation, vision, and a roadmap. He further criticized the ETC community, stating that it operates on a foundation of anger and toxicity. Hoskinson also highlighted his company, Input Output Global, building ETC’s Twitter community and described it as unethical to leave the account with followers, now that the project has become what he perceives as a scam.

The Ergo Ban and Tension

The refusal of the ETC Cooperative to invite Ergo to the Proof of Work summit exacerbates the strained relationship between the two blockchain platforms. The ETC community holds deep resentment towards Ergo since Hoskinson repurposed their previous Twitter account, which had over 600,000 followers, for the rival network. This move was accompanied by scathing remarks from Hoskinson, who described ETC as a dead project existing solely out of spite.

Hoskinson emphasized that Ergo is what Ethereum Classic should have aspired to be, as it continues to innovate, possesses a clear purpose, exhibits strong ethical leadership, and secures funding for future endeavors. By contrasting Ergo’s attributes with his negative assessment of ETC, Hoskinson aims to highlight the stark differences between the two projects and the potential he sees in Ergo’s development.

This recent episode is not the first instance of Hoskinson openly criticizing rival crypto projects. He previously labeled the XRP community as toxic and petty and referred to Ethereum as the “Hotel California of crypto.” Hoskinson’s outspoken nature and his willingness to express his opinions on the shortcomings of other projects demonstrate his commitment to promoting Cardano’s strengths and differentiating it from its competitors.

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