Chinese First Ethereum-based Tokenized Security

Chinese First Ethereum-based Tokenized Security

Chinese bank BOCI has officially issued China’s first tokenized security on the Ethereum blockchain, making a key milestone for the nation’s digital asset market. The issuance of “CNH 200 million fully digital structured notes” in Hong Kong signifies a major step forward in blockchain technology adoption. The partnership with UBS highlights the growing importance of distributed ledger technology in China’s financial sector.

The collaboration between BOCI and UBS resulted in the creation and issuance of this innovative digital security. UBS’s earlier issuance of a USD 50 million tokenized fixed-rate note enabled BOCI’s joint venture with UBS. This demonstrates UBS’s pioneering role in promoting blockchain-based financial products. UBS highlighted that the issuance of digital assets represents progress in both legal frameworks and blockchain technology. This underscores the evolving landscape of financial regulations and technological innovations in the banking sector.

This innovative transaction, founded under Hong Kong and Swiss law, not only represents the first tokenized security in China but also the first product of its kind in the Asia Pacific area. The use of the Ethereum blockchain highlights the expanding use of decentralized technology in the world of finance.

Ms. Ying Wang’s Opinion

According to Ms. Ying Wang, the collaboration with UBS aims to simplify digital asset markets and solutions. The partnership seeks to enhance accessibility and ease of use for investors in this domain. She emphasized Hong Kong’s dedication to fostering the digital transformation and innovative expansion of its financial industry. Additionally, she noted the positive advancement of the city’s digital economy.

Tokenized securities bring efficiency, transparency, and accessibility to China’s financial systems, with significant implications for the future of finance. Tokenized securities actively pave the way for transforming how financial assets are issued, traded, and managed. The collaboration between BOCI and UBS showcases China’s growing enthusiasm for blockchain technology. It also highlights the country’s determination to be at the forefront of financial technology innovation.

China’s decision to accept tokenized securities reflects the country’s openness to investigating the potential of blockchain-based solutions as the global regulatory landscape continues to change. This development might open the door for additional developments and widespread use of digital assets in the Chinese financial system.



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