Coinbase To Integrate Bitcoin Lightning Network

Coinbase To Integrate Bitcoin Lightning Network

Recent data reveal that the crypto exchange Coinbase plans to integrate the “Bitcoin Lightning Network.” With this decision, they aim to reduce Bitcoin transaction costs and make them faster.

Earlier today, the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, confirmed the news in a tweet: 

“Lightning is great and something we’ll integrate.”

The Bitcoin enthusiast with the pseudonym Wicked claimed on Twitter that Brian Armstrong was purposefully avoiding Bitcoin. So the CEO of Coinbase took the opportunity to confirm the news by responding in his tweet. 

Moreover, after closely looking at the Twitter page of Coinbase, Wicked stated that they have never written about Bitcoin. Also, Wicked proved that Brian never posted about Bitcoin by attaching a link showing that the search history on Brian’s Twitter does not show Bitcoin. 

In response, Brian revealed that his page automatically clears its data every six months. In addition, Wicked expressed their delight to hear this response. Along with the message, he asked Brian why he was ignoring the messages about Lightning Networks. Brian was active in other topics but has yet to respond to this question. 

MaryParty, the blockchain architect, stated on Twitter: 

“Brian Armstrong says Coinbase is integrating the Bitcoin Lightning Network.”

In particular, the Lightning Network will ease the use of Bitcoin because the network uses smart contracts for off-chain payments. So the transactions will be easier and instant. 


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