News Secures Regulatory Approval to Launch in Spain Introduces Expanded Pay Service with MATIC, USDC, and DAI Support

The Bank of Spain has granted a regulatory license to, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange with over 50 million customers. With this clearance, may now offer its extensive variety of products and services to customers in Spain. Furthermore, this is part of the company’s ambition to broaden its services even further around the world.

The Bank of Spain recently established a framework for cryptocurrency service providers to register. has managed to comply with the country’s legislation, joining other prominent firms such as Binance and Bitstamp. This is extremely beneficial to the company’s reputation and user base.

To obtain this license, was subjected to a thorough review of its compliance with anti-money laundering legislation. It must also analyze its user safety measures and other financial regulations. obtained regulatory approval by completing these standards. This indicates its dedication to providing its users with a full and secure crypto experience.

The CEO of, Kris Marszalek, stated the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance and desire to engage with regulatory organizations. He stressed that they recognize the importance of laws in the blockchain business. Furthermore, he stressed the significance of providing a safe and secure crypto platform to Spanish users.

This regulatory approval follows the introduction of the European Union’s Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) laws. Spain is ready to implement these new EU-compliant standards. More states will be required to join the ranks and take such policies as time goes on.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges have had difficulty gaining regulatory licenses in some EU member states.’s successful registration in Spain, on the other hand, illustrates its commitment to meeting regulatory criteria. It takes a lot of effort for a company to properly comply with legal regulations, but it will pay off in the end.


Finally,’s regulatory approval from the Bank of Spain is a big step forward for the company’s growth.’s goal is to create a complete and secure platform for Spanish clients to interact with cryptocurrencies. All of this will be achievable if regulatory conditions are met.


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