Crypto Community Responds to Twitter Rebranding

Crypto Community Responds to Twitter Rebranding

When Elon Musk unveiled a startling modification to Twitter’s distinctive bird logo, it sparked a wave of excitement and conjecture in the crypto community. The announcement of the forthcoming makeover, which would replace the recognizable bird, caused quite a stir on Crypto Twitter. This is hardly surprising given that the crypto community is one of the most active on Twitter.

As the rebranding took place, cryptocurrency fans were divided. Some investors and journalists thought the redesign was pleasant and modern, while others believed it was a slap in the face to the original logo.

Dan Held, the marketing head of Trust Machines, is a fantastic illustration of this. He wanted more than the recent adjustment. He stated that changing the iconic emblem to an X is completely inappropriate. Tiffany Fong, another cryptocurrency influencer, resolved to keep going and renamed the network Twitter. She basically emphasizes the historical significance of the name in the industry.

On the other hand, there are others who truly support the major shift. Musk has already hinted about developing super software with all of the necessary capabilities, including Bitcoin integration. Axie Infinity’s co-founder proposed an alternative strategy that included preserving the Twitter name but adding a crypto wallet called X. Many people in the crypto world seemed to like this notion.

Dogecoin, a dogecoin famed for its meme beginnings and endorsed by Elon Musk, was similarly affected by the major rebranding. Within minutes of Musk adding Dogecoin’s symbol to his Twitter profile, the cryptocurrency enjoyed a 4% price increase. This sparked community discussion regarding the prospect of purchasing cryptocurrency on the rebranded platform.

Linda Yaccarino, the current CEO, has hinted at limitless interaction possibilities as well as integrated payments and banking. 


Finally, the rebranding of Twitter to ‘X’ has sparked both enthusiasm and trepidation in the crypto community. It remains to be seen how Musk’s vision comes to fruition and what role cryptocurrencies will play in the platform’s future. For the time being, the crypto community is watching with interest and expectancy.


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