Crypto Miners Form Digital Energy Council to Lobby Washington

Crypto Miners Form Digital Energy Council to Lobby Washington

In a new development, people who mine bitcoin are working together to start a new group called the Digital Energy Council (DEC). The main goal of this project is to have an impact on how U.S. policies are made. And of course, about how to regulate cryptocurrency and how much energy is used.

The DEC’s main goal, as stated in a statement released on Tuesday, is to push for policies that support responsible and sustainable energy development. They are also concerned with making the power grid more reliable, keeping the United States competitive, and keeping national security safe. These attempts are happening as regulators and Congress talk about how to handle cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency miners are facing a number of problems right now. For example, the Biden administration wants to put a big 30% excise tax on mining, citing possible effects on society. Democratic lawmakers are also concerned about the effects on the environment.

The founder and president of the Digital Energy Council (DEC), Tom Mapes, has talked about how important it is for the digital asset mining business and the energy industry to work together. The goal of this relationship is to make energy infrastructure more long-lasting, sustainable, and efficient. Mapes has talked about how important it is for both areas to have real voices in federal discussions. He has worked in the Office of International Affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy and has also worked on energy policy at the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

At first, Mapes will be the only person working at DEC. He will do his job from Washington, D.C. The main goal of this group is to show how digital asset mining could help the United States. In terms of reaching its energy goals. Notably, DEC is the only organization in Washington, D.C. that focuses completely on dealing with the intersection of a lot of mining activities and energy concerns.


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