Crypto VC Investments Decrease Due to Macro Factors

Crypto VC Investments Decrease Due to Macro Factors

In recent times, the field of crypto venture capital (VC) has seen both challenges and exciting developments. The more you study about the sector, the more you become aware of the setbacks that have occurred. The majority of these are the outcome of greater economic forces. Despite this, there is still optimism in the landscape.

The amount of money going into crypto VC fell dramatically at the beginning of July. As a result, startups raised $700 million. This drop is due to fears about interest rates. The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States sets these interest rates. As a result, several venture capital firms have adopted a more strategic approach. They wish to be prudent with their resources.

Despite the general decrease, some expectations stand out. Polychain Capital and CoinFund, two crypto venture capital firms, have opened new investment funds.  They both received significant money, with Polychain Capital receiving $200 million and CoinFund receiving $152 million. These two launches are crucial in light of the current circumstances. This is because they are a positive outlier in a difficult moment.

Something that has piqued the interest of many blockchain enthusiasts and firms is the approval of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for Bitcoin. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must approve this transaction. As of currently, they have rejected all proposals from BlackRock and others. Nonetheless, new applications are being submitted, so there is still hope. This might revitalize the sector and potentially spark a new surge of enthusiasm.

We can identify some interesting trends in the crypto market if we look at some specific areas. Web3, for example, refers to the next generation of the internet that emphasizes decentralization. This phrase and the infrastructure that surrounds it are still striving today. Similarly, blockchain projects are attempting to provide critical technology foundations for crypto applications.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is another hot topic.  During 2021, DeFi attracted a lot of attention. DeFi develops financial services for blockchain networks, enabling options such as lending and others. This can all be accomplished without the use of a middleman.

While some startups receive significant funding, it is crucial to recognize that not all are created equal in this sense. Some people fail to raise the necessary finances, which is extremely common. 

The VC sector has a difficult future. However, the community remains incredibly optimistic. They are awaiting the approval of ETFs in the United States and are pleased with the one approved in Europe.

The crypto venture capital ecosystem is undergoing changes as a result of variables such as Federal Reserve policy and global events. Regardless, Polychain Capital and CoinFund have made great progress by launching new funds. Furthermore, the prospective approval of Bitcoin ETFs could inject new life into the market, indicating a more positive future.


To summarize, the crypto VC sector is experiencing both difficulties and encouraging indicators. The introduction of new funds and the prospect of ETF approvals inspire hope. The road ahead will have its ups and downs, but the changing environment will continue to fascinate ivestors.


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