Deutsche Bank Seeks Digital Asset License

Deutsche Bank Seeks Digital Asset License

Deutsche Bank, a well-known financial institution, has applied for a digital asset license in order to enter the realm of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This action is part of the bank’s plan to increase fee income. It also allows them to remain relevant in an ever-changing financial world.

During a conference, the head of Deutsche Bank’s commercial banking unit revealed the license application. He claims that they are expanding their digital assets and custodial operations. They have also just submitted an application to Bafin for a digital assets license. Bafin is Germany’s securities regulator, in charge of overseeing financial transactions.

If this license is approved, Deutsche Bank will be authorized to provide custody services for digital assets. Custody services entail securely keeping and maintaining digital assets on behalf of clients.

This is a significant step forward for the bank as it seeks to profit from the burgeoning interest in cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it is an excellent time for them to expand into similar services. Since late 2020, Deutsche Bank’s corporate banking branch has been investigating the blockchain sector. 

Lynne took over the decision a year ago, and the bank has been eager to grow its product and generate more income. This expansion is similar to that of Deutsche Bank’s investment arm, DWS Group. They have already made significant progress in generating revenue from digital assets.

This bank’s interest in digital assets and cryptocurrencies is not unique. Other large financial sector players are also aiming to expand into crypto-related ventures. JPMorgan and BlackRock, for example, have entered the crypto market to meet rising demand.

As the banking industry recognizes the increasing importance of digital assets, Deutsche Bank’s application for a digital asset license demonstrates its dedication. If the license is granted, the bank will be able to provide secure and regulated custody services. 


Deutsche Bank intends to establish itself as a trustworthy custodian for individuals and organizations by entering the realm of digital assets. They are looking for safe storage options for their digital assets.

As the regulatory landscape evolves, the bank’s entry into this market could serve as a driver for the increased use and integration of digital assets into traditional financial services. Overall, Deutsche Bank’s application for a digital asset license is a significant step toward embracing the financial digital revolution. It also ensures their continued relevance in an increasingly digital environment.


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