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Walletor - Official Partner of Airalo

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Why Walletor

Instant Connectivity

Purchase your eSIM from anywhere

by Dr.Jolin


Ah, the wonders of the 21st century never cease to amaze me! Imagine jetting off to a far-flung destination, faced with the prospect of shelling out a small fortune for international roaming on your mobile. Alternatively, you could opt for a game-changing solution: simply grab a handy app, snag an eSIM, and voila – in mere minutes, you're seamlessly connected to a local data provider, all for the cost of a couple of cups of coffee! Picture this: I found myself leisurely swiping through a dating app right in the heart of Santo Domingo. Meanwhile, fellow tourists were left scrambling for elusive free Wi-Fi hotspots. The convenience and affordability of having a local internet connection at my fingertips truly made navigating the digital realm a breeze, even in the midst of a bustling tourist hub. Cheers to the modern era and its technological marvels!

Global Coverage

Get connected in 200+ countries and regions around the world

by BCGregory

Fantastic experience!

Over the course of numerous years, I've traversed the globe, having explored 45 countries and counting. Throughout my extensive travels, I've discovered that Walletor stands out as the ultimate solution – it's remarkably straightforward, incredibly practical, and impressively budget-friendly for navigating international journeys. The days of grappling with local SIM cards, juggling numbers, and having to update my contacts each time I switch locations are behind me. With Walletor, the hassle of coordinating with family and friends about new contact details while I'm abroad is a thing of the past. It has become my go-to choice, seamlessly addressing my expectations for convenience and efficiency. AIRALO, in particular, has exceeded each of my lofty expectations, showcasing unparalleled excellence in providing communication solutions for global travelers like myself. Cheers to services that not only meet but surpass the high standards set for them!

Affordable and Transparent

No hidden fees and entirely prepaid

by David Schouten

Extremely useful app for travelers!

This app is incredibly useful for when you are going to travel. They have eSIM cards for seemingly every country on earth and offer a lot of flexibility regarding pricing and duration. I have used it a few times now and am very satisfied. I have even used it a few times at the end of the month, where I used up all the data from my regular carrier, and it's cheaper to buy some MBs via Walletor than through my carrier. I recommend installing an eSIM before you leave on your trip, so you get data immediately when you land at your destination!

24/7/365 Support

Our support team is available every day across all time zones

by Levy Borromeo

Customer service was really great.

I had a great experience with my inquiry because of the fast responses, detailed and helpful explanations, and my issue was resolved fast. I also felt that you put the customer in mind over the process. Great experience overall and I’m also very satisfied with the product.

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