FBI Cautions Crypto Firms From North Korean Hackers

FBI Cautions Crypto Firms From North Korean Hackers

The FBI continues to fight cryptocurrency crime by warning large corporations about North Korean hackers. This follows reports of their stealing big sums of digital money. These hackers are associated with the TraderTraitor organization. According to sources, this organization is responsible for the theft of approximately $ 40 million in Bitcoin. The FBI wants to ensure that all crypto businesses and their employees exercise caution in this uncharted territory.

The hackers are difficult to track down and employ a variety of different strategies that make it difficult for them to be discovered. They shift a lot of stolen money via other accounts, making it difficult to track down. The FBI has identified some of the wallets used by this gang. These wallets will be unable to use any of the cryptocurrency exchanges contacted by FBI agents. They want these addresses to be entirely closed down and rendered useless.

We’ve written a lot about North Korean hackers on this site. They grabbed around $60 million from Alphapo and an additional $37 million from CoinsPaid.

Prior to all of this, they took approximately $100 million from Atomic Wallet. Furthermore, they employ bogus programs to lure people into downloading malicious software. Once inside their devices, the hackers seize control and steal cryptocurrency funds directly from their wallets.

The FBI is very concerned about these attacks. They have issued a warning to the hackers who are targeting the companies. Furthermore, this type of breach is a major issue. North Korean hackers stole $700 million in cryptocurrencies in 2022. 

The FBI’s warning comes as more cryptocurrency firms are being targeted by these nefarious organizations. The more they practice, the better they get at their own strategies. They do, however, leave a larger trail of information behind them, which may aid police in apprehending them.


In short, the FBI wants cryptocurrency companies to be on the lookout for North Korean hackers. These hackers are devious and have already stolen a large sum of money. To stay protected from these dangers, crypto firms must keep a careful check on their transactions and wallets.


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