Fidelity Rumored to Acquire Grayscale and Pursue Bitcoin ETF

Fidelity Rumored to Acquire Grayscale and Pursue Bitcoin ETF

Rumors suggest Fidelity Investments, a $4.2 trillion asset manager, may acquire Grayscale, the largest digital asset management company. If true, this move could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency industry. However, no official statement or confirmation has been made regarding this speculation. Furthermore, reports indicate that it may also seek approval for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) shortly. Grayscale, which has been operating since 2013, manages over $50 billion in digital assets. If the reports are accurate, Fidelity’s potential acquisition of Grayscale could significantly strengthen its position in the digital asset management space.

Attention has also been drawn to the rumor that Fidelity will look into creating a Bitcoin ETF. The biggest asset manager in the world, BlackRock, recently disclosed that it had applied for a Bitcoin ETF. BlackRock’s proposal awaits a response from the SEC, though 575 of its previous ETF applications have been approved.

The possibility of Fidelity competing for a Bitcoin ETF has given the cryptocurrency sector newfound hope. Fidelity Investments has made significant progress in the cryptocurrency space through its subsidiary Fidelity Digital Assets. Last year, it launched its Ethereum (ETH) trading service for institutional clients, demonstrating its commitment to the digital asset market. The service aimed to cater specifically to institutional clients.

Fidelity Crypto Moves

Additionally, in 2022, Fidelity International listed its Bitcoin exchange-traded product (ETP) on Six Swiss Exchange and Deutsche Börse Xetra. The company has been mining Bitcoin since 2014 and has been building up the cryptocurrency, according to the sales president of the business.

The rumors that Fidelity intends to apply for a Bitcoin ETF appear reasonable given their continued participation in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The outcome of Fidelity’s potential entry into the ETF market remains uncertain. However, it could significantly influence the adoption of cryptocurrencies and their integration into traditional investment instruments.



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