Fujitsu to Step in Crypto & Web3 Industry

Fujitsu to Step in Crypto & Web3 Industry

Fujitsu files a trademark application, signaling its intent to offer crypto trading services and expand into digital finance.

In a recent revelation, Japanese technology titan Fujitsu submitted a trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), showcasing its aspirations to venture into the realm of cryptocurrency trading and brokerage services. Alongside crypto-based offerings, the company also plans to provide conventional financial services. Dated March 16, the trademark application endeavors to register a novel mark, displaying the stylized word “FUJITSU” accompanied by a sideways s-shaped swirl situated above the J and I characters. Moreover,  Fujitsu seeks to encompass an array of financial solutions, including deposit-taking, loan facilitation, fiscal management, and crypto trading.

An updated logo accompanies Fujitsu’s trademark application, signifying the company’s intent to use the mark for the proposed services. The following snippet presents a summary of the services disclosed to the USPTO in tandem with the trademark submission.


Fujitsu's Trademark Submission for Crypto services.

Fujitsu’s Trademark Submission for Crypto services. Source:

The tech giant’s interest in Web3 became evident with the inauguration of its Web3 acceleration platform in February. Designed to cater to startups and partner firms, the platform’s objective is to cultivate a rich ecosystem of Web3 applications, covering a wide spectrum of use cases such as digital content rights administration, commercial transactions, and contract and process management.

As 2023 commenced, Japan’s financial watchdogs urged the global community to implement stricter regulations for the cryptocurrency sector. Mamoru Yanase, the Deputy Director General of the Financial Services Agency’s Strategy Development and Management Bureau, stressed that the core issue did not originate from the digital currency technology itself. Rather, he pinpointed the recent fiasco’s roots in inadequate governance, feeble internal controls, and the glaring absence of regulatory oversight and supervision.


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