Google Trends: Bitcoin Searched the Most in the US

Google Trends: Bitcoin Searched the Most in the US

Bitcoin becomes the top US search term, outpacing daily necessities and interests, with Nevada leading the search volume.

In a surprising turn of events, Bitcoin has emerged as one of the most searched terms in the United States, leaving behind a diverse range of daily necessities, interests, and expenses in its wake. The Bitcoin Popularity Index, based on Ahrefs search volume, reveals that the flagship cryptocurrency has outperformed searches for items like hamburgers, religion, child support, politics, and even Donald Trump, who takes second place.

While Bitcoin is still trailing behind search giants like YouTube, Amazon, Weather, Starbucks, and eBay, its growing popularity is undeniable. The search volume comparison below showcases a variety of popular topics that Bitcoin has eclipsed in terms of search volume:

  • Bitcoin – 1.9M US search volume, 12M global search volume
  • Donald Trump – 1.5M US search volume, 2.6M global search volume
  • Breaking News – 1.4M US search volume, 3.1M global search volume
  • Elvis Presley – 1.3M US search volume, 4.0M global search volume
  • Disney World – 1.2M US search volume, 1.5M global search volume
  • Spiderman – 939K US search volume, 4.0M global search volume
  • Student Loan – 677K US search volume, 788K global search volume
  • Car Insurance – 657K US search volume, 1.4M global search volume
  • White House – 570K US search volume, 810K global search volume
  • Child Support – 482K US search volume, 512K global search volume

Nevada’s Demand for Bitcoin

As per Google Trends, Nevada is leading the charge in the United States when it comes to Bitcoin search volume, scoring a perfect 100. This outcome aligns with the state’s reputation for fostering innovation, embracing low taxes, and hosting a thriving high-tech industry, including Tesla’s Gigafactory. Nevada’s residents are recognized for their openness to novel ideas and willingness to take risks, which likely contributes to their passion for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Interest in the US by Region, with Nevada leading.

Bitcoin Interest in the US by Region. Source: Google Trends

The state’s long history with gambling and casinos also plays a role in shaping Nevada’s fascination with Bitcoin. As a high-risk asset, Bitcoin may hold a special appeal for those familiar with the world of high-stakes gaming.

Dissecting the Top 3 Searches

  • Bitcoin’s soaring popularity is evident as it snags the number one spot with 1.9 million US searches and a jaw-dropping 12 million global search volume. As the market continues to gain traction, Bitcoin remains a hot topic for internet users. With BTC increasing in recent months despite regulatory scrutiny and overall FUD in the market, it is no surprise that the demand for the biggest crypto keeps growing.

  • Donald Trump, with 1.5 million searches, ranks second. Even though he is no longer in office, Trump continues to captivate the attention of many Americans. One reason for this could be the recent arrest of the former President. The latter is also planning to run for the 2024 presidential election, so being in the spotlight would be a no-brainer.
  • Breaking News secures the third position with 1.4 million searches monthly. Despite encompassing a wide range of news categories, it still falls short of Bitcoin’s search volume. It is no surprise that this phrase is as searched as it is given that it is a good way of filtering the most recent groundbreaking news.

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