Binance and Gulf Innova Secure Licenses to Launch Regulated Crypto Exchange in Thailand

Binance and Gulf Innova Secure Licenses to Launch Regulated Crypto Exchange in Thailand

Binance, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, and Gulf Innova have obtained digital asset operator licenses from Thailand’s Ministry of Finance to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange there. The joint company, known as Gulf Binance, aims to bring together Gulf Innova’s profound awareness of the Thai market with Binance’s considerable competence in digital assets.

Binance has obtained licenses from Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission, granting authority to operate a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. This enables Binance to comply with regulatory requirements in Thailand. Obtaining licenses in Thailand is a crucial milestone for Binance’s global expansion strategy and regulatory compliance efforts. It demonstrates their commitment to securing approvals in various jurisdictions worldwide.

Thai billionaire Srath Ratanavadi’s Gulf Energy collaborated with Binance to explore developing a local digital asset exchange. This collaboration led to the partnership between Binance and Gulf Innova. Gulf Energy has actively engaged in strategic investments related to Binance, including supporting Binance US, the company’s US-based subsidiary.

“By harnessing Binance’s expertise together with Gulf’s established local presence and network, Gulf Binance aims to showcase the full potential of blockchain technology to meet the needs of Thai users.”

Binance’s Head of Asia. Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, Richard Teng, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration and said Gulf Binance hopes to take advantage of Binance’s experience as well as Gulf Innova’s well-established local presence and network. Teng also emphasized Thailand’s support for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, highlighting the nation’s dedication to promoting their development.

Anticipation Grows for Enhanced Accessibility and Opportunities

Gulf Binance’s entry into the Thai market is anticipated to actively strengthen the regional cryptocurrency ecosystem. Users will have a secure and compliant platform for digital asset trading. The joint venture positions itself well to actively showcase the potential of blockchain technology to Thai customers. Binance’s reputation and Gulf Innova’s market understanding contribute to this advantage.

Market participants and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Thailand eagerly anticipate Binance’s improved accessibility and opportunities. The launch of the new crypto exchange is approaching, generating excitement in the local digital asset environment.


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