Hester Pierce Counters SEC Crypto Warning to Accounting Firms

Hester Pierce Counters SEC Crypto Warning to Accounting Firms

In a recent step to protect investors’ interests, the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) warned accounting firms against providing non-audit services to cryptocurrency startups. However, Commissioner Hester Pierce has stepped out to challenge the directive’s ramifications. He is promoting openness without limiting good-faith attempts.

Paul Munter, the SEC’s chief accountant, advocated an all-or-nothing strategy for accounting firms engaging with cryptocurrency enterprises. He is concerned that partial interactions may result in the selective dissemination of information. According to Munter, several crypto businesses have marketed “audits” of certain areas of their company. This has the potential to mislead investors.

In reaction, Commissioner Pierce expressed her concerns on Twitter, emphasizing the need of encouraging openness in the cryptocurrency business. She saw the significance of crypto firms and accountants proving reserves and outlining permissible methods. She did, however, wonder why accounting firms should be precluded from providing assurance services to crypto companies seeking transparency.

Pierce’s attitude is consistent with her idea that encouraging good-faith transparency efforts may benefit the broader crypto community. Transparency contributes to investor trust. As a result, people may make educated judgments if they receive correct and dependable information.

Munter advised that if accounting firms detect deceptive practices, they might consider making public remarks or reporting crypto businesses to the SEC. Some experts voiced concerns. A professor of auditing and accounting ethics emphasized the difficulty of auditors making public remarks owing to confidentiality constraints. 

Furthermore, there is a problem with certain accounting companies partnering with the crypto business in order to improve their name but then being inattentive when difficulties develop. The debate between complete openness vs selective involvement will continue to define crypto sector laws. It will be critical to strike a balance between boosting real transparency efforts and prohibiting fraudulent activities.


Finally, Commissioner Hester Pierce’s appeal for openness in the crypto sector is an important step toward establishing confidence and legitimacy. Collaboration between regulators, accounting firms, and crypto startups will be critical as the crypto economy evolves.


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