How to Win at Mojo Melee: A guide to NFT’s Auto Battler

How to Win at Mojo Melee: A guide to NFT’s Auto Battler

Mojo Melee is a more casual “auto battler” strategy game than Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics. Optional NFTs are intriguing. Read below a short guide on how to win the newest NFT game.

Mojo Melee released after a successful beta launch in spring. “Emergence of Champions” was followed by “Mark of Deception.” Amazon Prime Gaming offers Prime members a free Polygon NFT and in-game money with this launch.

Now is the time to master this tactical game as more people join. This Mojo Melee advice will help you get started and win.

Create your own team!

In Mojo Melee, as in any other auto-battle game, it is crucial to construct a strong and well-balanced team. To modify your lineup, click the “teams” tab on the left side of the homepage. It is crucial to strike a balance between tank, damage-dealing, and utility champions. Consider how your champions combine to form a cohesive unit.

Throughout the game, try leveling up Brooks Clawhaven and Dark Brightley, while relying on Froda Swamphag or Zerlin the Lesser for support.

Come out on top.

In the one-on-one duel mode, the first round is extremely important. Due to the fact that a player must achieve three points before winning, falling behind early can have severe consequences.

In this crucial inaugural round, your top priority should be to field as many champions as possible. Possessing three champions while your opponent has only two significantly increases your chances of winning the round.

Utilizing a spellstone, an item that bestows mystical abilities on champions, during the first round proves to be a highly effective tactic. However, exercising discretion is essential, as a missed opportunity with this ability could conceivably determine the entire match’s outcome.

Positioning is everything.

Positioning is less important in Mojo Melee than in other auto-battlers, such as Teamfight Tactics, owing to the absence of champions with pulling abilities, such as Blitzcrank.

Nonetheless, it remains crucial to protect your damage-focused champions and position your tanks strategically to sustain the maximum possible damage without falling. Positioning your shields in the front and your damage-dealing champions in the back is a practical strategy.

Certain champions, however, such as Deth Kolo and Dawn Striker, can vault over your front line and directly target your back line heroes. You have several options for responding to this. Either move your damage-dealing champions to the front line or establish a cone formation around the champion you wish to shield.

Free stuff

As a result of a recent partnership between Mojo Melee and Amazon Prime Gaming, subscribers can now claim free bundles each month through Amazon’s platform. The ongoing bundle includes a champion character NFT, namely Gwyn Rockhopper, along with 885 units of Ore, a non-cryptocurrency in-game currency. This agreement is scheduled to last for six months, with additional incentives promised in the future.

This Polygon game is getting free NFTs from Amazon Prime.

This can provide a small advantage that could give you an edge over other participants. Do not have an Amazon Prime membership. There is a consistent method to acquire free Ore from the store. Don’t forget to verify each time you log in.

If your positioning strategy is on point, these complimentary items can help you build a more formidable team and get off to a strong start in the first round. Best wishes for your endeavors!


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