HSBC to Close Wealth and Personal Banking Business in New Zealand

HSBC to Close Wealth and Personal Banking Business in New Zealand

HSBC, a well-known global banking and financial services corporation, has announced the closure of its wealth and personal banking operations in New Zealand. This strategic move is part of HSBC’s goal to concentrate on expanding in certain Asian countries while abandoning less profitable sectors globally.

HSBC will gradually wind down its activities in New Zealand over the next several years. The decision is the result of a thorough strategic evaluation since the bank recognizes that it can no longer justify it. This is mostly due to shifting market volatility and demands in recent days.

While operations will continue as usual for the time being, HSBC will assist its local customers in making the transition to other personal and wealth service providers. This step follows HSBC’s previous announcement in 2022 about the possibility of selling the business.

HSBC has been considering departing numerous countries in recent months to make space for its new Asian plans. They have already begun business sales in Canada, Russia, Greece, and France as part of the goal. While HSBC is consolidating its foothold in Europe, the bank made news in 2023 when it bought Silicon Valley Bank’s UK unit.

HSBC released the HSBC Merchant Box in February 2023, a solution designed for small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs). This revolutionary technology makes foreign payments easier for SMEs who use regional and global e-commerce platforms. It also allows them to deal at real-time exchange rates and extend their global digital sales.


While navigating these strategic changes, HSBC remains committed to ensuring the smooth transition of its customers. Moreover, they continue to explore new possibilities for development and innovation in the dynamic Asian markets it seeks to serve. It is clear that the company remains committed to delivering innovative solutions and personalized service for a brighter financial future. 


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