Millionaire Crypto Influencer Found Dismembered in Argentina Suitcase

Millionaire Crypto Influencer Found Dismembered in Argentina Suitcase

In an unexpected turn of events, the fragmented remains of a well-known crypto influencer were discovered stashed inside a suitcase in Argentina. Fernando Pérez Algaba was the name of this cryptocurrency influencer. This revelation happened only a few weeks after the victim posted threatening words on social media. He implied that individuals were planning against him.

Algaba was a well-known personality in the Bitcoin industry, with almost 1 million Instagram followers. His profile depicted a luxurious lifestyle that included fancy automobiles and parties. However, Algabas’ life took a tragic turn behind all of the flash and splendor.

After the influencer went missing on July 19, Argentine police initiated an extensive inquiry into his death. Only a few days later did two children playing football come upon a crimson outfit. They unwittingly divulge the heinous proof of Algaba’s tragedy.

Fernando Pérez Algaba posing in front of a luxurious car.

The dismembered body pieces within the luggage revealed an unsettlingly professional execution. Algaba’s body revealed only two bullet wounds, indicating that his assassins were not afraid to employ violence. Investigators discovered his legs and forearm first, then his entire body in the stream. Fingerprint analysis and a peculiar four-letter tattoo, on one hand, helped identify the remains.

Social Media Posts

Prior to his murder, Algabas’s social media posts show a diabolical plan against him. He described encountering terrible individuals who want to destroy him while he was attempting to heal them. He allegedly got angry texts threatening him for allegedly owing $70,000 in debt. These communications included heinous threats of violence. This individual is thought to owe money to Algaba.

Algaba’s financial status was proven to be dangerous after further research. His firm, Motors Lettuce SRL, owed the Argentine tax department a lot of money, and he had a lot of money in cryptocurrencies and the stock market. These financial difficulties contributed to the stress in his life.

Algaba’s life was one of ups and downs, from poor beginnings to wealth and renown. He began as a sandwich vendor and pizza delivery guy, and eventually worked in auto sales, propelling him into the realm of luxury cars and cryptocurrency investments. Because Algaba had resided in Miami, USA, before relocating to Spain and subsequently returning to Argentina, the tragedy took on a worldwide significance.

Despite the dire conditions, one suspect in the murder has been apprehended. However, the case is still unfolding, leaving many issues unresolved. The Argentina authorities are adamant about bringing justice to Algaba and his mourning family.

The cryptocurrency and influencer communities were shocked and saddened by the death of one of their own. Algaba’s premature demise serves as a sharp warning of the world’s hazards. This is despite obvious success and reputation.


As the inquiry continues, the exact motivations behind Algaba’s terrible death remain unknown. The case is a sobering reminder that beneath the gleaming facade of social media, real-life challenges, and threats may be ever-present. This is true even for individuals who live in luxury.

The death of Fernando Pérez Algaba, a renowned personality in the crypto realm, has left a vacuum in his fans’ hearts. The international community is waiting for further information on the probe. We all hope that justice will be done for the guy who ascended from selling sandwiches to becoming a millionaire, only to meet a hauntingly horrible end.


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