Israel Advances Bill to Exempt Foreigners from Crypto Taxes

Israel Advances Bill to Exempt Foreigners from Crypto Taxes

In the crypto market, Israel is taking moves to increase its appeal to worldwide investors. They are doing so through a new measure that has received preliminary approval in the country’s parliament. The initiative, authored by Knesset member Dan Ilouz and supported by the ruling coalition parties, proposes a number of tax breaks and exemptions for digital asset owners.

The potential exemption from capital gains taxes on the sale of digital currency is an important feature of the law. This is solely applicable to foreign residents of Israel. This measure is intended to attract international investment while also creating a more favorable regulatory environment. They seek to establish a more controlled and stress-free blockchain economy.

The measure also covers employee crypto bonuses, aligning them with employee stock options. Currently, crypto bonuses are taxed at 50%, but the bill proposes lowering this rate to 25%. This essentially makes it more appealing to employees.

The proposed law represents Israel’s increasing embrace and acknowledgment of cryptocurrency. By embracing digital currencies, Israel hopes to portray itself as an appealing location for global investors. They also hope to attract enterprises interested in doing business. 

Furthermore, the measure wants to distinguish between “digital currency” and “security.” This distinction is critical in light of industry concerns raised when the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) previously explored classifying digital assets as securities. The goal is to create more detailed regulatory requirements for digital currency. This could be in response to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent allegations against Binance and Coinbase.

The Bank of Israel, Israel’s central bank, has also hinted at investigating the concept of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). While no official judgment has been made, this demonstrates Israel’s ongoing curiosity in the digital currency industry.


In conclusion, Israel’s proposed bill illustrates the country’s willingness to embrace digital currencies. Israel hopes to attract worldwide investors and enterprises by improving its regulatory environment. Overall, they are being invited to conduct business within its boundaries and to broaden the crypto environment.


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