KuCoin Wallet Rebranded As Halo Wallet

KuCoin Wallet Rebranded As Halo Wallet

KuCoin Wallet, a decentralized wallet platform for Web3, has officially rebranded as Halo Wallet, marking a new chapter in its journey toward offering a more holistic experience for consumers in the SocialFi ecosystem.

The move comes after the KuCoin Wallet team announced its formal separation from the KuCoin Group and the launch of a new platform that will operate independently, with the support of Web3 strategic partners from around the world, including KuCoin Ventures, IDG, HashKey Capital, and others.

Since its inception in June 2022, the KuCoin Wallet platform has introduced support for tens of thousands of tokens and NFT assets, released features such as native cross-chain exchange and staking, and attracted over 1 million users.

With the rebranding as Halo Wallet, the platform intends to go beyond the traditional functions of a decentralized wallet and become a comprehensive platform that assists users in identifying high-quality investment targets, monitoring their portfolios, and making educated choices.

Halo Wallet also boasts enhanced social functionalities that enable users to define their social identity holistically, uncover important and consensus investing information from enormous volumes of on-chain data, and connect with prominent influencers.

Jeff, the CEO of Halo Wallet, emphasized the importance of decentralized wallets as the most important user portal for Web3, and the potential for the rebranded platform to encourage more producers and users to explore trade possibilities and develop financial models, resulting in the world’s most active SocialFi ecosystem.

“Decentralized wallets are the most important user portal for Web3. The rebranded Halo Wallet provides enriched social functions, helps users shape their social identity in a comprehensive manner, enables the discovery of high-quality information and opportunities from social networks, and enables users to enjoy the benefits of Web3.”

Halo Wallet’s long-term goal is to eventually pass over the governance powers of the SocialFi ecosystem to the community, with the DAO governance model as an incentive to encourage more active participation and collaboration among its users.