Kyrgyzstan President Approves Hydropower-Powered Crypto Mining

Kyrgyzstan President Approves Hydropower-Powered Crypto Mining

Kyrgyzstan, a central Asian country neighboring China, is prepared to capitalize on the possibilities of cryptocurrency mining, with local government assistance. President Sadyr Japarov has approved the construction of a crypto-mining farm at the Kambar-Ata-2 Hydro Power Plant. The government intends to invest up to $20 million to capitalize on untapped energy from the power plant to power the mining activities. This is a fantastic and environmentally friendly method to mine cryptocurrency and help the country’s economy.

The measure is not only ecologically friendly, but it also promises to boost the country’s finances. Kyrgyzstan is now experiencing severe energy losses as a result of the construction of a new hydropower facility. This is mostly due to the problem of underutilized electricity.

The government intends to optimize the remaining energy and direct the revenues to regular folks by constructing the mining farm. Furthermore, this will create work opportunities for a large number of individuals within that country. The President ensured that the mining farm’s earnings would be constantly monitored and allocated to electricity engineers and the general public. 

Kyrgyzstan has lately faced several energy-related issues, prompting the government to proclaim an energy state of emergency. Climate change is to blame for this condition. Because of the basin’s limited water input and increased energy use.

The country intends to use the highest tariff rate permitted in the nation to control crypto mining. This policy tries to find a balance between boosting Bitcoin activities and controlling energy expenses.

In Kyrgyzstan, the movement to embrace cryptocurrencies as an economic booster is gaining traction. Lawmakers and government officials have been looking into methods to create a regulatory structure for the cryptocurrency business. Although various restrictions for crypto exchanges have been implemented, no cryptocurrency-specific legislation has been enacted.


Finally, Kyrgyzstan’s venture into hydro-powered crypto mining has tremendous possibilities. The government intends to strengthen its economy while also ensuring that the advantages reach average individuals. As the country expands its crypto-mining operations, it will be critical to solve energy-related issues. The country seeks to achieve a balance between economic growth and long-term energy security.


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