Ledger Partners with Etana Custody for US Custodial Services

Ledger Partners with Etana Custody for US Custodial Services

Ledger Enterprise and Etana Custody collaborate to provide secure and regulated digital asset custodial services for institutional clients.

Digital asset security leader Ledger Enterprise has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Etana Custody, a trusted and regulated multi-asset custody and support services provider. This alliance aims to cater to the growing needs of institutional clients by offering them secure and regulated custodial services.

The collaboration between Ledger Enterprise and Etana targets the specific needs of their institutional client base. Etana Custody, known for its commitment to operating a global, regulatory-compliant business, has been chosen as the US custodial partner by Ledger Enterprise. This partnership allows institutional clients to access Etana powered by Ledger while also providing Etana Custody clients with the Ledger Enterprise platform as a subcustodian for their digital assets.

By offering a regulated corporate custodial environment, Etana Custody has become an attractive solution for institutions required to separate their assets. This partnership is particularly beneficial for Ledger Enterprise, as it can now provide its institutional clients with its cutting-edge technology combined with Etana Custody’s solutions. This combination enables the effective segregation of funds, thus mitigating counterparty risk.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Regulated Custodians

The increasing interest in digital assets among institutions has led to a surge in demand for regulated custodians who can address enterprise compliance and security needs. Etana Custody has established itself as a company capable of delivering the secure trading environment that institutional clients seek, thanks to its robust delivery mechanisms and regulatory footprint. By promoting investor confidence in digital assets, Etana’s custodial solution is instrumental in encouraging broader market participation and liquidity.

The partnership between Etana and Ledger aims to bring institutional digital asset custody in line with traditional market structures. To achieve this, Etana will employ Ledger devices for managing digital assets, relying on the security of Ledger’s technology. Moreover, this technology supports over 1,800 coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Furthermore, the collaboration provides institutional clients with the flexibility to diversify the custody of their digital assets based on their specific business or compliance requirements.

Regulatory Compliance as a Key Factor

Ledger Enterprise opted for Etana Custody as its US custodial partner due to the latter’s status as a regulated global custodian. The current industry trend leans towards safety, making Etana, a strong and stable company, an ideal partner for Ledger. The regulated custodial offering from Etana Custody holds significant advantages for Ledger Enterprise’s institutional clients.

In other news, Ledger’s recent “Ledger Chain” product has received mixed feedback from its audience, given that it promotes showing your wallet in public to others. Ironically, that is the opposite of what Ldger in itself entails.


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