Louis Vuitton Set to Unveil $42K NFT Collection

Louis Vuitton Set to Launch 42000 NFT Collection

With its latest venture into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), luxury fashion company Louis Vuitton is ready to create ripples in the digital world. The French fashion conglomerate has announced the release of an exclusive range of NFTs. These “Treasure Trunks” NFTs will be turned into digital collector versions of their iconic trunks. Each of these one-of-a-kind digital treasures is priced at roughly $42,000.

The revolutionary NFT collection functions as a digital collectible as well as an invitation to exclusive future items and experiences. These prized NFTs will be in restricted supply, with only a few hundred trunks available for purchase. Customers that are interested in joining a waiting list can do so.

Customers must connect their crypto wallets and supply certain personal information in order to purchase a Trunk. Both cryptocurrency and standard fiat currency can be used to make the purchase. On June 14, selected customers will be invited to learn about the aforementioned project. Following the completion of the transaction, the physical Trunks will be given to the holders.

The move into NFTs by Louis Vuitton is part of a bigger strategy known as Via. This strategy investigates the integration of emerging technologies such as blockchain and NFTs. Via intends to increase the company’s emphasis on traceability and authenticity. The brand has previously experimented in the NFT space with the release of a video game. This game allowed participants to learn more about the cryptocurrency community.

NFT holders will be able to purchase keys on a regular basis through the Via Treasure Trunks. These keys provide access to other products that the customer may choose to purchase. These items will be accompanied by confirmation of ownership and authenticity. Some pieces will even be custom-made for each trunk owner. Notably, owners will be able to sell the products they obtained.


Louis Vuitton’s entry into the field of NFTs reflects the company’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of innovation. While the NFT sector may be suffering a little lull, the luxury fashion brand is eager to explor  new areas. Louis Vuitton has established itself as a pioneer in integrating fashion and the digital world with the introduction of its high-end NFT trunks.


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