MicroStrategy Needs to Liquidate Bitcoin in Extreme Price Corrections

MicroStrategy Needs to Liquidate Bitcoin in Extreme Price Corrections

According to recent reports from broker Bernstein and investment bank Berenberg, MicroStrategy, a well-known business intelligence organization, is feeling the effects of Bitcoin’s price volatility on its balance sheet and debt repayment schemes. 

The reports emphasize the relationship between the success of Bitcoin’s price and the soundness of MicroStrategy’s finances. The company stands to gain significantly from a higher Bitcoin price, including a more stable balance sheet, a higher share price, and simpler debt payments without having to sell its cryptocurrency assets.

Bernstein’s analysis highlights that MicroStrategy may face pressure to sell its Bitcoin holdings if there are significant price declines. This pressure would arise due to the company’s intention to raise long-term debt. Given the impending debt expiration in the middle of 2025, this pressure is especially important. The research suggests that MicroStrategy can maintain its strong financial position without selling its holdings if Bitcoin prices remain high. This strategy allows the company to secure its financial stability. This approach allows the company to maintain its assets. This strategy allows them to preserve their assets.

However, the research warns that if Bitcoin experiences a significant crash with extremely low prices, and MicroStrategy’s cryptocurrency assets fail to cover its debt and related covenants beyond June 2025, it could jeopardize the company’s corporate structure. This situation raises concerns about the company’s stability. Certain debt arrangements might accelerate in such a case, which might affect MicroStrategy’s financial situation.

MicroStrategy: Bitcoin Holdings and Financial Strategy

The broker points out that strong Bitcoin prices and a higher stock price enable MicroStrategy to raise additional debt or equity and redeem current convertible notes despite the inherent dangers associated with using leverage in a volatile market. The company’s capacity to refinance its debt maturities and maintain a strong financial position is improved by this flexibility.

The research reveals that MicroStrategy currently holds over 152,000 Bitcoin, acquired at a total cost of $4.5 billion. The average price per Bitcoin is approximately $29,600. MicroStrategy’s assets represent nearly 20% of Bitcoin’s daily average trading volume and approximately 0.78% of the total Bitcoin supply.

According to the research, 95% of MicroStrategy’s market capitalization comprises its Bitcoin assets. Excluding loans used for Bitcoin purchases, this percentage decreases to approximately 49%.

Berenberg’s study suggests that a significant rise in MicroStrategy’s share price and Bitcoin holdings’ value will enhance its capacity to refinance debt maturities. This improvement will positively impact the company’s financial position.

MicroStrategy’s long-term stability and debt repayment plans depend on managing its Bitcoin holdings and financial decisions. The volatile cryptocurrency market adds complexity to their strategy.



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