Minecraft Players Can Earn Bitcoin with New Integration from Zebedee

Minecraft Players Can Earn Bitcoin with New Integration from Zebedee

This Minecraft and Bitcoin integration has been made possible by Bitcoin-focused payments startup Zebedee, enabling users to earn digital money while enjoying the well-known game. The integration makes use of Zebedee’s Lightning Network-enabled game technology and is accessible on the Satlantis Minecraft server, run by community members.

The Satlantis server takes inspiration from Bitcoin and adds elements connected to the most popular cryptocurrency. However, the integration is not officially supported by Minecraft creator Mojang or publisher Microsoft. Players can deposit their winnings via the iOS or Android ZBD wallet app. With more than 1 million satoshis (1% of a Bitcoin) issued each week, the winnings are probably low, However, it gives participants the chance to use Bitcoin while playing. 

This unauthorized connection is a component of the expanding market for play-to-earn (P2E) games that pay players in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Similar games that Decrypt has examined provide players with a few pennies worth of cryptocurrency per hour of play. Those pennies of cryptocurrencies could be Sweet Bitcoin and Ethereum Blast.

Minecraft and the Development in Earning Crypto from Games

In the past, Zebedee has established Bitcoin-generating servers for other well-known video games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from Valve. Since Microsoft has declared plans to crack down on such integrations and ban non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from all Minecraft servers. Bitcoin and Minecraft have previously crossed paths on fan-run servers. The NFT ban has not yet been reflected in the official terms and conditions. Although enforcement of it is anticipated in the future. 

Players of Minecraft are still investigating the potential integration of blockchain technology, such as cryptocurrencies, despite the impending NFT prohibition. It is becoming increasingly possible to combine digital assets and virtual worlds. This is highlighted by the march toward blockchain integration in gaming. It is still to be seen how this environment will change. This is predicted as both game developers and users embrace the possibilities of blockchain technology.


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