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Moonbirds NFT Announces Community Council

Moonbirds NFT Announces Community Council

Blue-chip NFT project Moonbirds has introduced its PROOF Moonbirds Community Council. The project aims to create more collaboration opportunities and establish open communication within the community. Not only that, but the project is trying to make the project as decentralized as possible by creating a bridge between the Moonbirds team and the community. The initiative will go beyond Twitter and Discord, providing a direct channel for individuals to express their ideas and requests. The team announced this move on the 25th of April.

The Moonbirds community nominated ten NFT holders to represent their interests. Some of the well-known individuals nominated include:

  • Marlo Johnson; a multidisciplinary artist
  • EBMD Crypto; community member
  • Kyle Riggins; dGen Network’s Head of Sales
  • Color Block; an artist 
  • @Axu.eth; a venture investor
  • @Lakoz.eth; a marketer
  • Cropcircle; a marketing and event planner 
  • Drew Barman; a project founder
  • James Hall; Spotify’s development manager
  • Philip Yoong; a pediatric dentist 

The council members will hold bi-weekly meetings with the PROFF Collective leadership. These meetings will mainly focus on sharing ideas, giving feedback, and maintaining open communication between PROOF and NFT holders. This move highlights Moonbirds’ commitment to fostering a strong connection with its community. Moreover, it ensures that the project remains responsive to the needs and desires of its community.

Additionally, Moonbirds also announced the upcoming Proof-of-Community event. This event is scheduled for May 11-12 in Los Angeles, USA. Every NFT holder is eligible for a ticket for the event and they can claim the tickets through a dedicated website. Such events are prominent in the NFT space. However, ever since the bear market hit the crypto industry, we haven’t seen that much activity such as this one.

Moonbirds NFT showcase

Moonbirds Profile Picture NFT Collection. Source: Shutterstock

Moonbirds, NFTs, And The Current Market

The Moonbirds is an NFT collection launched back in April 2022. The founders of this project, Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell’s PROOF Collective, wanted to build a serious project and gave it their all in this project. The Moonbirds collection is made up of 10,000 non-fungible tokens and operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was trending for several weeks before and after its debut. This is because of its unique, strategic marketing approach and celebrity partnerships.

While the Moonbirds NFT collection was a success, the NFT industry is currently facing several challenges. As the world is facing economic uncertainty, investors are swaying away from NFTs. This has led to an overall decrease in NFT prices. Even the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the biggest NFT project in the world, has been struggling these past months.

Some months ago, the PROOF Collective had to cancel a conference event in LA due to a lack of interest from the community. As you may know, NFT projects need two main elements to succeed: a credible, hard-working team and a dedicated community. No NFT project will succeed if it doesn’t have these two elements. After this event was canceled, people began to panic sell the Moonbirds NFTs, leading to a significant drop in price. In a short period of time, the floor price of Moonbirds went from 7.1 ETH to the current floor price of 2.69 ETH.