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OKX Wallet Now Supports Bitcoin NFTs; Bitcoin Ordinals

OKX Wallet Now Supports Bitcoin NFTs; Bitcoin Ordinals

OKX, a major global cryptocurrency exchange, has upgraded its wallet and NFT marketplace. This time, OKX has added the ability to view and transfer Bitcoin Ordinals. The OKX Wallet now supports BTC addresses on the browser extension. Additionally, the team of OKX announced that mobile support is set to arrive soon.

The upgrade enables OKX users to import their BTC wallets and view their Bitcoin Ordinals through the platform’s multi-chain wallet. This provides Bitcoin Ordinal holders with an easier, more convenient way of managing their Bitcoin non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

OKX Chief Innovation Officer, Jason Lau, expressed enthusiasm about the new functionality. He stated that he and his team have been closely monitoring the activity of Bitcoin Ordinals. Therefore, after seeing how active the space was, he began exploring ways to make it easier for people to see and interact with their Bitcoin NFTs through different chains.

“We’ve had our eye on the explosion of activity with Bitcoin Ordinals and we’re excited to deliver a seamless experience for users to see and interact with their NFTs across different chains. Additionally, adding support for BTC Taproot addresses will enable cheaper and more compatible transactions for OKX Wallet users. We are excited to see the Bitcoin ecosystem grow and look forward to adding even more features.”

Jason Lau, Chief Innovation Officer at OKX

The upgrade follows the launch of Bitcoin Punks NFTs on the OKX NFT Marketplace on the 7th of March. This allowed users to purchase Ordinals using ETH as well. Soon, the OKX NFT Marketplace will introduce minting and trading functionality for Ordinals. This will enable users to create, buy, and sell Bitcoin Ordinals on the platform.

Different Wallets Now Support Bitcoin Ordinals As Bitcoin NFTs Become More Popular

OKX has joined other wallets and marketplaces in serving the growing Bitcoin Ordinals community. Some of these other wallets are Ordinals Wallet, Xverse, Magic Eden, and This community has faced challenges due to the absence of trustless infrastructure for exchange. Today, however, things are taking a turn for good.

Before the introduction of these wallets and marketplaces, holders had to create an ord-compatible wallet on Sparrow. Moreover, users could only manage the storage of their Ordinals independently. If that wasn’t enough, transactions involving Ordinals were conducted over the counter. So, the exchanges have made it way easier for the Ordinals community to maintain, trade, and manage their NFTs.

With the support of OKX Wallet and other platforms, the Bitcoin Ordinals community can now enjoy a more streamlined and convenient experience. This makes managing and trading their Ordinals easier, paving the path for new investors to step in.