Prime Trust Bankruptcy Spotted by Crypto Community Months Ahead

Prime Trust Bankruptcy Spotted by Crypto Community Months Ahead

In an unexpected turn of events, cryptocurrency custodian Prime Trust filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US state of Delaware. This reveals a shortage in customer funds as well as a significant debt load of up to $500 million. What appears to be an unexpected development, however, was really anticipated by members of the blockchain community months before the formal announcement. This simply demonstrates how much the cryptocurrency community has invested in the world of digital assets.

Users in the cryptocurrency world began to express worries about Prime Trust’s financial health as early as late June. They cited service problems claimed by crypto exchanges BitGo and CoinMetro as a result of Prime Trust’s actions. These warnings elicited a range of emotions, with some describing the situation as a “Ponzi scheme.” Others, on the other hand, thought the withdrawal freeze was merely “temporary.”

Even though word of the company’s problems began to circulate in mid-August, clues of the company’s precarious status arose earlier. This is when some users resorted to social media to express their feelings over the company’s demise. On June 27, Nevada issued a cease and desist order against Prime Trust, which raised a lot of questions. This is due to a lack of customer finances, which prevented them from honoring customer withdrawals.

Interestingly, Prime Trusts’ issues can be traced all the way back to 2019. This occurred when it entrusted its crypto assets to Fireblocks, a supplier of institutional digital asset custody. Due to “limitations” with Fireblocks, it had to reinstate traditional wallet addresses before January 2021. It allegedly lost access to these legacy wallets in December 2021, raising yet another red flag on its path to bankruptcy. As you can see, the organization has been dealing with issues along the route for quite some time.

The crypto community’s attentiveness and engagement were critical in recognizing these warning indications of financial disaster. This episode emphasizes the importance of decentralized information sharing and collaborative monitoring in the DeFi ecosystem.


While the official announcement of Prime Trust’s bankruptcy has raised new concerns. Overall, the event should serve as a reminder to investors and participants to be cautious and vigilant in protecting their interests. This must become the norm in the turbulent crypto world.


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