XRP Supporter John Deaton’s Phone Hacked

XRP attorneys phone hacked to promote LAW token

A disturbing occurrence occurred when the phone of notable pro-XRP attorney John Deaton was hacked, resulting in the promotion of a little-known cryptocurrency token called LAW. The attack occurred on June 4 and lasted several days, creating significant disruption in the town.

Deaton, who is well-known for representing over 76,000 XRP token holders in the Ripple vs. SEC litigation, alerted the public via his daughter’s Twitter account. He advised his followers to report the hack as soon as possible while noting that the tweets did not come from him.

The XRP community reacted quickly to Deaton’s request, with members providing step-by-step instructions on how to report the hijacked account. Many people in the blockchain community pitched in, effectively denouncing the hack and increasing awareness of the situation.

This regrettable episode demonstrates the dangers of distributing incorrect information and fraudulent financial statistics in the cryptocurrency industry. Traders frequently rely on influential personalities like Deaton for guidance, making it critical to respond to such attacks as soon as possible. The market’s stability is in danger, and authorities might approach the industry with greater caution as a result of such instances.

Deaton, a well-known XRP supporter and significant figure in the crypto community, earned a lot of respect for publicly condemning the theft. 

Deaton’s proactive effort in notifying others via his daughter’s Twitter account illustrates his dedication. The XRP community’s support and solidarity in reporting the issue were really commendable.

Individuals must be watchful in order to prevent such disruptions and keep traders’ faith. The community may work together to protect against malicious activity by swiftly reporting and increasing awareness of hacking instances. You can learn how to be safe while trading crypto here.


Finally, the hacking of John Deaton’s phone and the subsequent promotion of the LAW token has raised attention to the concerns associated with the cryptocurrency community. The quick response from the XRP community in the hack demonstrates their solidarity as a community willing to support one another. Such occurrences highlight the significance of maintaining vigilance and transparency in the cryptocurrency market. 


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