Elderwood Azir

Elderwood Azir Skin: Elderwood Azir is a guardian of the mystical forest, donning nature-inspired armor and wielding a staff infused with ancient magic. This skin embodies the enchantment and beauty of the natural world. Embrace the power of the Elderwood with this captivating skin.

Galactic Azir

Galactic Azir Skin: Galactic Azir channels the cosmic forces with its celestial-themed design. With cosmic armor and a staff that radiates starlight, this skin embodies the majesty and mystery of the universe. Rule the cosmos as a Galactic Emperor with this breathtaking skin.

Gravelord Azir

Gravelord Azir Skin: Gravelord Azir delves into the dark and necromantic arts. With sinister robes and a staff imbued with dark magic, this skin transforms Azir into a formidable lord of the undead. Embrace the darkness and command the undead with this menacing skin.