Baker Pantheon

Baker Pantheon: Baker Pantheon outfits the Spartan warrior in chef's attire and equips him with a baguette spear. It's a humorous and light-hearted skin that adds a touch of culinary charm to Pantheon's combat.

Dragonslayer Pantheon

Dragonslayer Pantheon: Dragonslayer Pantheon transforms the champion into a valiant dragon hunter, complete with dragon-themed armor and a fierce dragon-slaying spear.

Full Metal Pantheon

Full Metal Pantheon: Full Metal Pantheon gives the champion a futuristic, cybernetic appearance, featuring metallic armor and high-tech weaponry.

Myrmidon Pantheon

Myrmidon Pantheon: Myrmidon Pantheon takes inspiration from ancient Greek warriors, giving him a heroic and classical appearance with a Hoplite-style helmet and spear.

Pulsefire Pantheon

Pulsefire Pantheon: Pulsefire Pantheon catapults the champion into a futuristic sci-fi setting, with cybernetic enhancements and high-tech abilities.

Ruined Pantheon

Ruined Pantheon: Ruined Pantheon is part of the Ruined skin line and features a dark and corrupted version of the champion, showcasing the aftermath of a cataclysmic event.