High Noon Senna

High Noon Senna is a skin that immerses Senna into the world of the Wild West, giving her the appearance of a gunslinging cowgirl from the frontier. In this skin, Senna wears a rugged and stylish cowboy outfit, complete with a wide-brimmed hat, leather gloves, and a bandolier filled with ammunition. Her weapon transforms into a high-powered, long-barreled rifle with intricate engravings and a Wild West aesthetic.As High Noon Senna takes aim at her foes, she embodies the spirit of a frontier sharpshooter.

Lunar Eclipse Senna

Lunar Eclipse Senna is an enchanting skin that portrays Senna in the midst of a celestial battle between light and darkness. In this skin, Senna embraces the mystical and radiant power of the moon.Senna is adorned in elegant, silver armor adorned with lunar motifs and ethereal patterns, making her appear as a celestial guardian. Her weapon takes on a majestic, moonlit glow, embodying the essence of the moon's ethereal radiance.


PROJECT: Senna is a cybernetic-themed skin that propels Senna into a dystopian, high-tech future where she becomes a formidable operative of advanced technology and warfare. In this skin, Senna's appearance is radically altered, as she is equipped with cutting-edge cybernetic enhancements and wears sleek, futuristic armor. Senna's weapon, previously known as her relic cannon, is now transformed into a high-tech, energy-based sniper rifle, showcasing her role as a skilled markswoman in this futuristic setting.

Star Guardian Senna

Star Guardian Senna is an enchanting skin that welcomes Senna into the magical world of the Star Guardians, a group of celestial warriors dedicated to protecting the cosmos from darkness. In this skin, Senna becomes a guardian of the stars, dressed in a vibrant, magical girl outfit adorned with celestial symbols, colorful ribbons, and sparkling details.Her weapon, which is usually a relic cannon, transforms into a celestial bow, and her abilities are accompanied by dazzling, starry visual effects that capture the essence of cosmic power. Senna's appearance radiates with the splendor of the cosmos, with her cape and hair billowing like the night sky.

True Damage Senna

True Damage Senna is a stylish and edgy skin that places Senna as a member of the True Damage music group, ready to take center stage with her fellow artists. In this skin, Senna embraces a streetwear-inspired look, donning trendy urban clothing adorned with graffiti-style designs and fashionable accessories.Her weapon, usually her relic cannon, transforms into a sleek and futuristic microphone blaster, reflecting her role as a vocalist and performer within the True Damage group. Her abilities are accompanied by vibrant, hip-hop-themed visual effects, adding a touch of urban flair to her skillset.