Arcana Tahm Kench

Arcana Tahm Kench: Unleash mystical powers with Arcana Tahm Kench, a skin that adds a touch of arcane magic to the River King.

High Noon Tahm Kench

High Noon Tahm Kench: Step into the Wild West with High Noon Tahm Kench, a skin that turns him into a ruthless outlaw.

Master Chef Tahm Kench

Master Chef Tahm Kench: Cook up some mischief with Master Chef Tahm Kench, a humorous skin that's all about culinary chaos.

Shan Hai Scrolls Tahm Kench

Shan Hai Scrolls Tahm Kench: Embrace the aesthetics of Chinese folklore with Shan Hai Scrolls Tahm Kench, a skin inspired by mythical tales.

Urf Kench

Urf Kench: Celebrate the League of Legends mascot with Urf Kench, a skin that pays tribute to the beloved Urf the Manatee.