Puppynet, Shiba Inu Testnet Blockchain, Surpasses 20M Transactions

Puppynet, Shiba Inu Testnet Blockchain, Surpasses 20M Transactions

Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s blockchain initiative, is gaining traction thanks to its Puppynet test network. Puppynet recently passed a significant milestone, surpassing 20 million transactions from 16 million wallets. This tenet is an important element of the development process leading up to the expected mainnet deployment in the coming months.

Puppynet and other testnets are meant for testing and closely mirror the actual network. They enable developers to detect and resolve issues as well as monitor network activity. According to blockchain scanners, Puppynet has proven excellent performance, with an average transaction time of under five seconds.

The increased participation on the Puppynet testnet suggests a high demand for the network, which bodes well for the value of the Shibarium ecosystem’s two cryptocurrency tokens: SHIB and BONE. These coins are likely to profit from increasing network interest and activity.

Furthermore, one of the major SHIB investors recently purchased another $10 million in tokens. This increased their total holdings to an astonishing 5.3 trillion SHIB, or $35 million. Such large investments reflect trust in the idea of Web3 and its potential for expansion.

Shibarium has progressed from its humble beginnings as a meme coin based on the beloved Shiba Inu dog breed to a legitimate blockchain initiative. It seeks to make a significant contribution to the Shiba Inu ecosystem. A virtual land metaverse based on Shibarium is expected to be published later this year as part of the goal.

Users will be able to customize their own avatars. They can be created in the shape of humanoid dogs, explore virtual worlds, communicate with other players, and contribute to the in-game economy.

The popularity of Puppynet demonstrates Shibarium’s growing prominence in the DeFi industry. As the project nears its mainnet launch, the worth of SHIB and BONE tokens may rise higher.


Finally, Shiba Inu’s Puppynet testnet has reached significant milestones. They were able to collect approximately 20 million transactions and 16 million wallets. The network’s high demand and increasing investor interest point to an exciting future for the Shibarium ecosystem. 

Shiba Inu’s evolution from a meme coin to a real blockchain project is gaining steam with the forthcoming release of a virtual land metaverse. Shibarium’s advancement, as well as the possibility of value growth of SHIB and BONE tokens, make this a thrilling period for supporters.


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