Renewable Energy Giant Seeks Manager for Bitcoin Mining Operations

NextEra Renewable Energy Giant Seeking Bitcoin Manager

NextEra Energy Resources, the renewable energy giant, is looking for a manager focusing on Bitcoin mining operations. The giant is known for its dedication to reducing carbon emissions throughout the United States. Additionally, the company is also known for its wind and solar energy generators. As Bitcoin becomes more mainstream, businesses see that there is no need to be afraid of the alleged “speculative asset.”

This news was welcomed by the crypto community especially because there are politicians and regulators who claim that the Bitcoin network has an unacceptable carbon footprint. NextEra’s job posting describes the role in detail, with the manager being required to manage Bitcoin mining data centers in the South region. Two of the biggest data centers there are ERCOT and SERC.

The winning candidate will have to work with cross-functional teams. This means cooperating with the marketing, power generation, accounting, legal, and many other teams of the company. A great candidate for this role would be an individual with strong analytical and financial skills. Some knowledge of Bitcoin and marketing experience is a plus. The company needs a manager who will contribute towards identifying opportunities and seizing as much profit as possible.

This move comes at a time when businesses and certain states are accepting Bitcoin and its benefits. Several states are working towards bills and laws to support the industry, with Texas leading the way. This comes after Bitcoin’s recent rally to $28,900. Despite what are considered some of the biggest bank runs happening right now, Bitcoin is performing well. This is incentivizing investors to use Bitcoin as a hedge against the collapsing economy.

Bitcoin Miners Moving Towards Renewable Energy Sources

NextEra’s decision to closely monitor Bitcoin miners who are using its renewable energy is a sign of Bitcoin miners moving towards renewable energy sources. Even Elon Musk, the famous billionaire, criticized Bitcoin miners last year. Because Bitcoin miners mostly used fossil fuel-generated energy, Musk was forced to stop accepting Bitcoin for Tesla products in 2022.

Ever since, however, Bitcoin miners are moving towards a greener future. This is mostly because of the lower costs that come with using renewable energy. While Bitcoin mining is still criticized for its high energy consumption, moving to renewables is a great plus as it is likely to attract more investors as time passes by.

The White House Spreading FUD Through Reports Against Crypto

Despite the fact that businesses are constantly adopting Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the White House is still skeptical about it. In the recent annual economic report, the White House dedicated over 30 pages to cryptocurrencies and their “negative effects” on the economy. This is helping the spread of unnecessary FUD in the market. Despite the FUD, Bitcoin is still trading at a price way higher than it was trading in January 2023.