Robot Cache, AMD Partner’s Crypto Gaming Site, Exits Beta

Robot Cache, AMD Partner's Crypto Gaming Site, Exits Beta

Robot Cache, a one-of-a-kind digital retailer, has officially exited beta after three years of development. This platform, in collaboration with AMD, provides gamers with an interesting option to sell their used digital games via cryptocurrency. Players can return some of their investment in Robot Cache by selling games they no longer require. This is a fantastic idea that has yet to be replicated by other prominent game platforms such as Steam.

Gamers may use Robot Cache to buy their preferred games and then sell them once they’ve completed them. The platform is built on blockchain technology, which is a safe and transparent way of recording game purchases and tracking ownership. When a video game is sold, the blockchain guarantees that ownership is transferred smoothly to the next buyer.

Robot Cache has advantages for both developers and gamers. When a game is sold, 70% of the proceeds are returned to the developers, allowing them to continue their work. You will also receive 25% of the sale price as a seller, providing an incentive to keep your game library organized.

Robot Cache has created its own digital currency, Iron, to ease transactions. Iron can be obtained by selling games on the platform, completing challenges, and interacting with friends. It will be possible to harvest Iron with PC hardware in the future.

While the viability of the platform has yet to be determined, it provides players with a unique opportunity to save money while exploring a new manner of buying and selling digital games. Robot Cache is now running a special promotion in which new customers who sign up for the platform will receive a free copy of Wasteland 3. Furthermore, discounts of up to 90% are offered on a wide variety of titles.


Finally, Robot Cache ushers in a new era of digital game ownership. Gamers may buy and sell their preferred titles, thereby helping developers and potentially saving money. It will be interesting to observe how the platform progresses and whether it becomes a favorite destination for players once it exits its experimental phase.


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