Sequoia Shakes Up VC Team, Loses Two Crypto Investors

Sequoia Shakes Up VC Team, Loses Two Crypto Investors

Sequoia Capital faces significant change due to market challenges and the departure of key investors. The venture capital firm has a history of successful investments. Recently, longtime partner Michael Moritz departed to focus on Sequoia Heritage, a co-founded wealth management firm. Other senior partners and investors also bid farewell.

According to a statement by Sequoia on Wednesday, Michael Moritz, a key member since 1986, will assume a consultative role at Sequoia Heritage. Moritz, a co-founder of the fund, will actively manage its assets, including a significant portion of his family foundation, Crankstart. The approximately $15 billion fund was founded in 2010.

Moritz will continue to serve on the boards of other Sequoia-backed businesses, including Stripe Inc., notwithstanding his shift. The company did reveal that he will gradually leave these positions over time, though. Roelof Botha praised Moritz’s vital role in early investments like Google and PayPal. These contributions propelled Sequoia’s prominence in technology investment.

Notably, Sequoia has encountered its fair share of difficulties; one notable failure was its association with the defunct cryptocurrency exchange, FTX. Due to the FTX investment, the company lost $214 million from its global expansion fund, which seriously hurt its reputation.

Sequoia Capital Navigates Challenges and Restructures Amid Industry Changes

Other well-known partners left the company at the same time as these difficulties, including Daniel Chen, a “crypto maxi” according to his Twitter account, and Michelle Fradin, who participated in the FTX investment decision. Partners Mike Vernal and Kais Khimji also left the company. Vernal, a 2016 edition to Sequoia, will be taking some time off. He will continue to serve on the boards of his portfolio firms, including Rippling and Notion Labs Inc.

Sequoia Capital, a venture business pillar, faces a significant transformation amid this turbulent time. Amid escalating geopolitical tensions, the company underwent a major restructuring, dividing its activities in China and India. As a result of this restructuring, Sequoia Heritage was created, with founder limited partner and board member Michael Moritz playing a vital role.

According to its latest SEC filing, Sequoia’s total venture assets stand at $55.58 billion, excluding hedge fund and Sequoia Heritage operations. The current total of $55.58 billion represents a substantial drop from the $85 billion reported in March 2022. However, it is slightly higher than the preceding quarter’s figure.

The industry closely observes Sequoia Capital’s response to these changes and its ability to maintain its position in the competitive venture capital world.



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