Singapore Central Bank Grants Payment License to Blockchain​.com

Singapore Central Bank Grants Payment License to Blockchain​.com

Singapore has made a crucial step toward embracing the world of cryptocurrency by awarding a significant license to, a well-known crypto platform. This license authorizes the platform to provide unique services relating to virtual payment tokens. These services are intended for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. is a company that offers various methods for managing and using cryptocurrencies. In recent years, it has attracted the attention of many crypto enthusiasts. Last year, they acquired a preliminary form of this license from Singapore’s central bank, and they now have the full license. 

This essentially permits them to provide their services to serious investors and professionals. It also boosts the company’s credibility, making it a legitimate player in the Asian market. This is primarily because Singapore is sometimes regarded as Asia’s financial center.

This makes it the sixth company in Singapore to receive a specific license for providing digital token services. Circle and Paxos are two additional well-known companies with comparable licenses.’s CEO, Peter Smith, expressed excitement about the license. He applauded Singapore’s central bank for establishing guidelines that keep an eye on the blockchain business while also allowing fresh and inventive ideas to flourish. Singapore clearly wishes to build a highly regulated and efficient cryptocurrency business throughout the country. Furthermore, they aim to ensure that everyone is safe and regulated.

Singapore has been working on developing regulations for crypto-related enterprises. The central bank has declared that it will spend a significant amount of money to help the fintech sector flourish, particularly enterprises that use innovative technology such as decentralized finance (DeFi). They also established new guidelines for organizations dealing with cryptocurrencies to ensure that they are responsible and trustworthy.


To summarize, Singapore is growing increasingly accepting of cryptocurrencies and the businesses that use them. This latest license granted to is a significant step in this regard, demonstrating that Singapore takes the crypto industry seriously.


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